WFP005 – Inside FPGA – basics

After the insight into the world, we will delve a little deeper and take a fundamental look at the structure of an FPGA.

Content of this Episode
* Basic structure of an FPGA
* Structure of logic cell
* Connection cells
* Clock network
* Storage
* Computing cells
* Connection to the outside world

WFP004 – Manufacturers and their components

In this episode I would like to show which manufacturers are active in the FPGA world and which components they offer.

Content of this Episode
* Overview over the manufacturer
* Overview over the components
* Manufacturer:
* Xilinx
* Intel
* Lattice Semiconductor
* Microchip
* Efinix
* Achronix
* Cologne Chip

WFP003 – Electronics vs. Software vs. FPGA

Let’s discuss today the differences between development of electronics, software and firmware for FPGAs.

Content of this Episode
* Discussion of three different areas
* electronic development
* software development
* FPGA development
* Three different categories
* flexibility
* Know-how
* complexity

WFP002 – History of programmable logic

In today’s episode we will take a look back into the history of programmable logic.

Content of this Episode
* Start of the programmable logic
* PLA, PLD and GAL invented
* FPGA was developed

WFP001 – The world of FPGAs

Let’s start to dive into programmable logic and have an overview over the component called FPGA.

Content of this Episode
* Programmable logic
* What is an FPGA?
* Specialties
* Areas of application