WFP016 – FPGA Conference 2023

It was time for a little trip again. This time I went to Munich to the three-day FPGA conference of PLC2 and the Vogel Verlag.

Content of this Episode
* 3 day FPGA Conference in Munich
* A little insight
* My attended lectures
* Sessions on the first day
* Linux Build Methodologies: PetaLinux vs. Yocto Flow
* Coverage (aka Requirement Coverage)
* Using property descriptions to formally verify FPGA design code
* Synthesizing a Vivado Project on GitLab-CI and Deploying to an FPGA Board
* Secure method of enabling multiple design in FPGA
* Constraining Multiple Clock Domains
* AMD-Xilinx: Dynamic Function Exchange with Device Tree Overlay
* GDBServer in Hardware for VexRiscv Processing Systems
* Next Generation of High-Speed Interfaces for Vision Applications
* Sessions on the second day
* Demystify a Vitis Embedded Acceleration Platform
* MicroBlaze – A most flexible processor for FPGAs and MPSoCs
* Self organizing administration tool to control FPGA designs
* Fundamentals of Timing Analysis and Why No FPGA Design Can Do Without It
* How to crash 100+ AWS FPGA instances and how to insert Trojans into bitstreams
* Demonstration Setup for HashCache
* Sessions on the third day
* Do FPGA designers and hardware designers need to talk? A practical approach to shortening the project timeline
* How your FPGA design decisions affect PCB board performance
* Agilex SoC Architecture
* Turning your FPGA into a fast multichannel ADC
* PCIe, MIPI CSI-2, HDMI and DDR memory across platforms from an Open Source perspective
* Constant On-Time (COT) Control for FPGA High-Current Power Supplies
* Hardware attacks on FPGA: An overview of threats and security mechanisms

Next FPGA conference is from July 2nd to 4th, 2024

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WFP Meetup 2023

Special Episode of the World of FPGA Podcast.

I want to make a meetup of members of my audience and this will happen in Munich while the FPGA Conference 2023.

On the 5th of July 2023 at 7:30 pm we can meet near to the conference hotel in a restaurant.

I will reserve some spots, so please send me an email if you want to participate:

Important note: Everyone pay their own bill.

WFP009 – Launch ended

There has been a lot going on in the last few weeks and I was particularly busy with the launch of my learning platform World of FPGA. And now there is a review and an analysis.

Content of this Episode
* Platform World of FPGA opened on PI Day 2023
* Analysis in three categories
* The platform itself
* Range
* Technology
* My learnings
* Outlook

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WFP008 – PI Day and Opening

Today it happens, the World of FPGA learning platform is opening. And I’ll take you today into my launch phase.

Content of this Episode
* Opening on PI day 2023
* Beta phase
* Webinars

The World of FPGA is opening today.
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WFP000 – Start of WoF Podcast

With today’s episode this podcast starts and I will lead you through the idea behind this podcast and the World of FPGA.

Content of this Episode
* Welcome
* Who is David Kirchner?
* Introducing the WoF podcast
* About the World of FPGA